boards/iotlab-a8-m3/include/periph_conf.h File Reference

Peripheral MCU configuration for the iotlab-a8-m3 board. More...

Detailed Description

#include "periph_cpu.h"
#include "periph_conf_common.h"
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SPI configuration

#define SPI_NUMOF   (sizeof(spi_config) / sizeof(spi_config[0]))
static const spi_conf_t spi_config []

Variable Documentation

◆ spi_config

const spi_conf_t spi_config[]
Initial value:
= {
.dev = SPI2,
.mosi_pin = GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 15),
.miso_pin = GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 14),
.sclk_pin = GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 13),
.cs_pin = GPIO_UNDEF,
.rccmask = RCC_APB1ENR_SPI2EN,
.apbbus = APB1
#define GPIO_PIN(x, y)
Define a CPU specific GPIO pin generator macro.

Definition at line 34 of file boards/iotlab-a8-m3/include/periph_conf.h.