boards/waspmote-pro/include/periph_conf.h File Reference

Peripheral MCU configuration for the Waspmote PRO v1.2 board. More...

Detailed Description

Peripheral MCU configuration for the Waspmote PRO v1.2 board.

Hinnerk van Bruinehsen
Francisco Acosta

Definition in file boards/waspmote-pro/include/periph_conf.h.

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Clock configuration

#define CLOCK_CORECLOCK   (14745600UL)

Timer peripheral configuration

The ATmega1281 has 6 timers.

Timer0 and Timer2 are 8 Bit Timers, Timer0 has special uses too and therefore we'll avoid using it.

The timer driver only supports the four 16-bit timers (Timer1, Timer3, Timer4, Timer5), so those are the only ones we can use here.

#define TIMER_NUMOF   (2U)
#define TIMER_0   MEGA_TIMER1
#define TIMER_0_MASK   &TIMSK1
#define TIMER_0_FLAG   &TIFR1
#define TIMER_0_ISRA   TIMER1_COMPA_vect
#define TIMER_0_ISRB   TIMER1_COMPB_vect
#define TIMER_0_ISRC   TIMER1_COMPC_vect
#define TIMER_1   MEGA_TIMER4
#define TIMER_1_MASK   &TIMSK4
#define TIMER_1_FLAG   &TIFR4
#define TIMER_1_ISRA   TIMER4_COMPA_vect
#define TIMER_1_ISRB   TIMER4_COMPB_vect
#define TIMER_1_ISRC   TIMER4_COMPC_vect

UART configuration

The UART devices have fixed pin mappings, so all we need to do, is to specify which devices we would like to use and their corresponding RX interrupts.

See the reference manual for the fixed pin mapping.

#define UART_NUMOF   (2U)
#define UART_0   MEGA_UART0
#define UART_0_ISR   USART0_RX_vect
#define UART_1   MEGA_UART1
#define UART_1_ISR   USART1_RX_vect
#define UART_2400   (383)
#define UART_4800   (191)
#define UART_9600   (95)
#define UART_115200   (7)

SPI configuration

The atmega1281 has only one hardware SPI with fixed pin configuration, so all we can do here, is to enable or disable it...

The fixed pins used, are: MOSI - PB2 (waspmote SPI-UART socket MOSI) MISO - PB3 (waspmote SPI-UART socket MISO) SCK - PB1 (waspmote SPI-UART socket SCK) SS - PB0 (waspmote SD Card Chip Select) -> this pin is configured as output, but not used

#define SPI_NUMOF   1 /* set to 0 to disable SPI */

I2C configuration

#define I2C_NUMOF   1

ADC configuration

#define ADC_NUMOF   (8U)