ethertype.h File Reference

Ether type definitions. More...

Detailed Description

Ether type definitions.

Martine Lenders

Definition in file ethertype.h.

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#define ETHERTYPE_RESERVED   (0x0000)
#define ETHERTYPE_IPV4   (0x0800)
 Internet protocol version 4.
#define ETHERTYPE_ARP   (0x0806)
 Address resolution protocol.
#define ETHERTYPE_CCNX   (0x0801)
 Parc CCNX.
#define ETHERTYPE_NDN   (0x8624)
 NDN Protocol (
#define ETHERTYPE_IPV6   (0x86dd)
 Internet protocol version 6.
#define ETHERTYPE_UNKNOWN   (0xffff)
 Reserved (no protocol specified)