Detailed Description


file  cc1xxx_common.h
 CC110x/CC1200 adaption for Network interface API.

Data Structures

struct  cc1xxx_l2hdr_t
 Layer 2 header used in CC1xxx frames. More...
struct  cc1xxx_t
 Users of the CC110x/CC1200 adaption layer have to overlap their device handle with this structure. More...


 Default protocol for data that is coming in.
#define CC1XXX_ADDR_SIZE   (1)
 Size of a layer 2 address on CC110x/CC1200 transceivers.
#define CC1XXX_BCAST_ADDR   (0x00)
 Special layer 2 address reserved for broadcast frames.


typedef struct netdev_radio_rx_info cc1xxx_rx_info_t
 Statistics for one received frame.


int gnrc_netif_cc1xxx_create (gnrc_netif_t *netif, char *stack, int stacksize, char priority, char *name, netdev_t *dev)
 Creates a CC110x/CC1200 network interface. More...

Function Documentation

◆ gnrc_netif_cc1xxx_create()

int gnrc_netif_cc1xxx_create ( gnrc_netif_t netif,
char *  stack,
int  stacksize,
char  priority,
char *  name,
netdev_t dev 

Creates a CC110x/CC1200 network interface.

[out]netifThe interface. May not be NULL.
[in]stackThe stack for the network interface's thread.
[in]stacksizeSize of stack.
[in]priorityPriority for the network interface's thread.
[in]nameName for the network interface. May be NULL.
[in]devDevice for the interface.
See also
0 on success
negative number on error