SLIP network device

SLIP network device over UART. More...

Detailed Description

SLIP network device over UART.

See also
RFC 1055


file  slipdev.h
 SLIP device definitions.

Data Structures

struct  slipdev_params_t
 Configuration parameters for a slipdev. More...
struct  slipdev_t
 Device descriptor for slipdev. More...


#define SLIPDEV_BUFSIZE   (1500U)
 UART buffer size used for TX and RX buffers. More...
 Packet FIFO size. More...


void slipdev_setup (slipdev_t *dev, const slipdev_params_t *params)
 Setup a slipdev device state. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SLIPDEV_BUFSIZE   (1500U)

UART buffer size used for TX and RX buffers.

Reduce this value if your expected traffic does not include full IPv6 MTU sized packets

Definition at line 42 of file slipdev.h.



Packet FIFO size.

For GNRC it is recommended to have it the same size as the link-layer thread's message queue, but it MUST be of power of 2

Definition at line 52 of file slipdev.h.

Function Documentation

◆ slipdev_setup()

void slipdev_setup ( slipdev_t dev,
const slipdev_params_t params 

Setup a slipdev device state.

[in]devdevice descriptor
[in]paramsparameters for device initialization