kernel_defines.h File Reference

Common macros and compiler attributes/pragmas configuration. More...

Detailed Description

Common macros and compiler attributes/pragmas configuration.

René Kijewski
Michel Rottleuthner

Definition in file kernel_defines.h.

#include <stddef.h>
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#define container_of(PTR, TYPE, MEMBER)   ((TYPE *) ((char *) (PTR) - offsetof(TYPE, MEMBER)))
 Returns the container of a pointer to a member. More...
#define NORETURN
 The NORETURN keyword tells the compiler to assume that the function cannot return.
#define CONST
 A function declared as CONST is PURE and also not allowed to examine global memory. More...
#define PURE
 The function has no effects except the return value and its return value depends only on the parameters and/or global variables. More...
#define UNREACHABLE()   do { /* nothing */ } while (1)
 Tell the compiler that this line of code cannot be reached. More...
#define ALIGN_OF(T)   (offsetof(struct { char c; T t; }, t))
 Calculate the minimal alignment for type T. More...
#define BUILD_BUG_ON(condition)   ((void)sizeof(char[1 - 2 * !!(condition)]))
 Forces a compilation error if condition is true. More...