list.h File Reference

Intrusive linked list. More...

Detailed Description

Intrusive linked list.

Lists are represented as element pointing to the first actual list element.

Kaspar Schleiser
Víctor Ariño

Definition in file list.h.

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Data Structures

struct  list_node
 List node structure. More...


typedef struct list_node list_node_t
 List node structure. More...


static void list_add (list_node_t *node, list_node_t *new_node)
 Insert object into list. More...
static list_node_tlist_remove_head (list_node_t *list)
 Removes the head of the list and returns it. More...
static list_node_tlist_remove (list_node_t *list, list_node_t *node)
 Removes the node from the list. More...