P2P-RPL data structs. More...

Detailed Description

P2P-RPL data structs.

Header file, which defines all structs used by P2P-RPL.

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Definition in file p2p_structs.h.

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Data Structures

struct  gnrc_rpl_p2p_opt_rdo_t
 P2P Route Discovery Object (RDO) Option. More...
struct  gnrc_rpl_p2p_dro_t
 P2P Discovery Reply Object (P2P-DRO) More...
struct  gnrc_rpl_p2p_dro_ack_t
 P2P Discovery Reply Object Acknowledgement (P2P-DRO-ACK) More...
struct  gnrc_rpl_p2p_ext_t
 Extended DODAG information for P2P-RPL. More...
 Address vector length in RDO DIO options and maximal hop count for the P2P-DODAG.