conn_can_isotp_master Struct Reference

ISO-TP master connection. More...

Detailed Description

ISO-TP master connection.

Definition at line 70 of file conn/isotp.h.

#include <can/conn/isotp.h>

Data Fields

struct conn_can_isotp_slavenext
 First slave in the list.
struct conn_can_isotp_mastermaster
 Master connection.
struct isotp isotp
 ISO-TP parameters and status.
int ifnum
 interface number
int bound
 1 if connection is bound
 Buffered rx data.
mutex_t lock
 Master lock.
mbox_t mbox
 mailbox for the connection list
msg_t mbox_queue [CONN_CAN_ISOTP_MBOX_SIZE]
 Connection list message queue.

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