gcoap_state_t Struct Reference

Container for the state of gcoap itself. More...

Detailed Description

Container for the state of gcoap itself.

Definition at line 474 of file gcoap.h.

#include <net/gcoap.h>

Data Fields

mutex_t lock
 Shares state attributes safely.
 List of registered listeners.
gcoap_request_memo_t open_reqs [GCOAP_REQ_WAITING_MAX]
 Storage for open requests; if first byte of an entry is zero, the entry is available.
atomic_uint next_message_id
 Next message ID to use.
sock_udp_ep_t observers [GCOAP_OBS_CLIENTS_MAX]
 Observe clients; allows reuse for observe memos.
gcoap_observe_memo_t observe_memos [GCOAP_OBS_REGISTRATIONS_MAX]
 Observed resource registrations.

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