Representation of a network interface. More...

Detailed Description

Representation of a network interface.

Definition at line 62 of file gnrc/netif.h.

#include <net/gnrc/netif.h>

Data Fields

const gnrc_netif_ops_tops
 Operations of the network interface.
 Network device of the network interface.
rmutex_t mutex
 Mutex of the interface.
gnrc_netif_ipv6_t ipv6
 IPv6 component.
gnrc_netif_mac_t mac
 Common MAC module component
uint32_t flags
 Flags for the interface. More...
gnrc_netif_6lo_t sixlo
 6Lo component
uint8_t cur_hl
 Current hop-limit for out-going packets.
uint8_t device_type
 Device type.
kernel_pid_t pid
 PID of the network interface's thread.

Field Documentation

◆ flags

uint32_t gnrc_netif_t::flags

Flags for the interface.

See also

Definition at line 77 of file gnrc/netif.h.

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