gnrc_rpl_opt_dodag_conf_t Struct Reference

DODAG Configuration Option. More...

Detailed Description

DODAG Configuration Option.

See also
RFC6550, section 6.7.6, DODAG Configuration

Definition at line 107 of file structs.h.

#include <net/gnrc/rpl/structs.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t type
 Option Type: 0x04.
uint8_t length
 length of option, not including first two bytes
uint8_t flags_a_pcs
uint8_t dio_int_doubl
 trickle Imax parameter
uint8_t dio_int_min
 trickle Imin parameter
uint8_t dio_redun
 trickle k parameter
network_uint16_t max_rank_inc
 allowable increase in rank
network_uint16_t min_hop_rank_inc
 DAGRank(rank) = floor(rank/MinHopRankIncrease)
network_uint16_t ocp
 Objective Code Point.
uint8_t reserved
uint8_t default_lifetime
 lifetime of RPL routes (lifetime * lifetime_unit)
network_uint16_t lifetime_unit
 unit in seconds

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