gnrc_rpl_p2p_ext_t Struct Reference

Extended DODAG information for P2P-RPL. More...

Detailed Description

Extended DODAG information for P2P-RPL.

Definition at line 79 of file p2p_structs.h.

#include <net/gnrc/rpl/p2p_structs.h>

Data Fields

bool state
 state: used / unused
 DODAG, which owns this P2P extension.
uint8_t compr
 number of elided prefix octets
uint8_t routes_numof
 number of requested routes
bool hop_by_hop
 request hop-by-hop routes or source routes
bool stop
 stop route discovery
bool reply
 request P2P-DRO
bool dro_ack
 request P2P-DRO-ACK
uint8_t lifetime_enc
 encoded lifetime of the P2P-DODAG
int8_t lifetime_sec
 lifetime of the P2P-DODAG in seconds
uint8_t maxrank
 maximum rank the P2P-DODAG should span
uint8_t dro_seq
 sequence number of the P2P-DRO
ipv6_addr_t target
 target of the P2P route discovery
bool for_me
 true if this node is the target
uint8_t addr_numof
 number of addresses in the address vector
int8_t dro_delay
 delay DRO after it was requested in seconds
ipv6_addr_t addr_vec [GNRC_RPL_P2P_ADDR_VEC_NUMOF]
 address vector

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