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Detailed Description

The isotp struct.

This is the main struct used by an ISO-TP channel

Definition at line 86 of file isotp.h.

#include <can/isotp.h>

Data Fields

struct isotpnext
 next bound channel
struct isotp_options opt
 channel options
struct isotp_fc_options rxfc
 rx flow control options (defined locally)
struct isotp_fc_options txfc
 tx flow control options (defined remotely)
struct tpcon tx
 transmit state
struct tpcon rx
 receive state
xtimer_t tx_timer
 timer for tx operations
xtimer_t rx_timer
 timer for rx operations
can_reg_entry_t entry
 entry containing ifnum and upper layer msg system
uint32_t tx_gap
 transmit gap from fc (in us)
uint8_t tx_wft
 transmit wait counter
void * arg
 upper layer private arg

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