The isotp_options struct. More...

Detailed Description

The isotp_options struct.

It describes the ISO-TP options

Definition at line 58 of file isotp.h.

#include <can/isotp.h>

Data Fields

canid_t tx_id
 transmit CAN ID
canid_t rx_id
 Receive CAN ID.
uint16_t flags
 set flags for isotp behaviour. More...
uint8_t ext_address
 set address for extended addressing
uint8_t txpad_content
 set content of padding byte (tx)
uint8_t rx_ext_address
 set address for extended addressing

Field Documentation

◆ flags

uint16_t isotp_options::flags

set flags for isotp behaviour.

Definition at line 61 of file isotp.h.

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