Configuration struct for the MPU-9150 sensor. More...

Detailed Description

Configuration struct for the MPU-9150 sensor.

Definition at line 152 of file mpu9150.h.

#include <mpu9150.h>

Data Fields

mpu9150_pwr_t accel_pwr
 Accel power status (on/off)
mpu9150_pwr_t gyro_pwr
 Gyro power status (on/off)
mpu9150_pwr_t compass_pwr
 Compass power status (on/off)
mpu9150_gyro_ranges_t gyro_fsr
 Configured gyro full-scale range.
mpu9150_accel_ranges_t accel_fsr
 Configured accel full-scale range.
uint16_t sample_rate
 Configured sample rate for accel and gyro.
uint8_t compass_sample_rate
 Configured compass sample rate.
uint8_t compass_x_adj
 Compass X-Axis sensitivity adjustment value.
uint8_t compass_y_adj
 Compass Y-Axis sensitivity adjustment value.
uint8_t compass_z_adj
 Compass Z-Axis sensitivity adjustment value.

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