ESP32 WiFi netdev interface

Network device driver for the ESP32 WiFi interface. More...

Detailed Description

Network device driver for the ESP32 WiFi interface.

Gunar Schorcht

This module realizes a netdev interface for the built-in WiFi interface of ESP32. To enable the WiFi interface, module esp_wifi has to be used.

Due to symbol conflicts with the crypto and hash modules of RIOT in module esp_idf_wpa_supplicant_crypto, which is required by module esp_wifi, esp_wifi cannot be used for applications that use these modules. Therefore, module esp_wifi is not automatically enabled when module netdev_default is used. Instead, if necessary, the application has to add the module esp_wifi in the Makefile.
USEMODULE += esp_wifi

Furthermore, the following configuration parameters have to be defined:

Configuration Parameter Description
ESP_WIFI_SSID SSID of the AP to be used.
ESP_WIFI_PASS Passphrase used for the AP as clear text (max. 64 chars).
ESP_WIFI_STACKSIZE Stack size used for the WiFi netdev driver thread.

These configuration parameter definitions, as well as enabling the esp_wifi module, can be done either in the makefile of the project or at make command line, e.g.:

USEMODULE=esp_wifi \
make -C examples/gnrc_networking BOARD=...
The Wifi network interface (module esp_wifi) and the ESP-NOW network interface (module esp_now) can be used simultaneously, for example, to realize a border router for a mesh network which uses ESP-NOW.


file  esp_wifi_netdev.h
 Network device driver for the ESP32 WiFi interface.
file  esp_wifi_params.h
 Parameters for the ESP32 WiFi netdev interface.