Network Device Drivers

Drivers for external network devices. More...

Detailed Description

Drivers for external network devices.


 AT86RF215 based drivers
 This module contains a driver for the Atmel AT86RF215 radio.
 AT86RF2xx based drivers
 This module contains drivers for radio devices in Atmel's AT86RF2xx series.
 CAN Drivers
 Drivers for CAN devices.
 CC1100/CC1100e/CC1101 Sub-GHz transceiver driver
 This module contains the driver for the TI CC1100/CC110e/CC1101 Sub-GHz transceivers.
 CC1100/CC1100e/CC1101/CC1200 common code
 CC2420 radio driver
 Differentially Operated Serial Ethernet
 Driver for connecting RIOT devices using a single bus wire.
 Driver for stm32 ethernet
 Device Driver for STM32 Ethernet.
 Driver for the ENC28J60 Ethernet Adapter.
 Driver for the ENCX24J600 Ethernet Adapter.
 Ethernet-over-serial driver
 Driver for the ethernet-over-serial module.
 IEEE802.15.4 Driver for nRF52840 SoCs
 Driver for using the nRF52's radio in IEEE802.15.4 mode.
 KW2x radio-driver
 Device driver for the NXP CR20A and KW2xD radios.
 KW41Z radio-driver
 Device driver for the NXP KW41Z, KW21Z in-cpu transceiver.
 MRF24J40 based drivers
 This module contains drivers for radio devices in Microchip MRF24J40 series.
 Microchip ATA8520E transceiver
 Device driver for Microchip ATA8520E transceiver (Sigfox)
 NRF BLE radio driver
 Radio driver for nRF5x SoCs for using the radio in BLE mode.
 NRF minimal radio driver
 Minimal driver for the NRF51 radio.
 NRF24L01+ driver interface
 Low-level driver for nrf24l01+ transceiver.
 Netdev - Network Device Driver API
 This is a generic low-level network driver interface.
 PN532 NFC Reader
 PN532 NFC radio device driver.
 RN2483/RN2903 LoRa module driver
 High-level driver for the RN2483/RN2903 LoRa modules.
 SLIP network device
 SLIP network device over UART.
 Semtech SX1272 and SX1276 radios driver
 Driver for Semtech SX1272 and SX1276 radios.
 Socket-based ZEP
 UDP socket-based IEEE 802.15.4 device over ZEP.
 W5100 ethernet driver
 Driver for W5100 ethernet devices.
 XBee driver
 High-level driver for the XBee S1 802.15.4 modem.
 netdev dummy test driver
 Provides a test dummy for the netdev interface.


file  netdev_tap.h
 Low-level ethernet driver for native tap interfaces.
file  netdev_tap_params.h
 Default configuration for the netdev_tap driver.