socket_zep_t Struct Reference

ZEP device state. More...

Detailed Description

ZEP device state.

Definition at line 37 of file socket_zep.h.

#include <socket_zep.h>

Data Fields

netdev_ieee802154_t netdev
 netdev internal member
int sock_fd
 socket fd
netdev_event_t last_event
 event triggered
uint32_t seq
 ZEP sequence number.
uint8_t rcv_buf [sizeof(zep_v2_data_hdr_t)+IEEE802154_FRAME_LEN_MAX]
 Receive buffer.
uint8_t snd_hdr_buf [sizeof(zep_v2_data_hdr_t)]
 Buffer for send header.
uint16_t chksum_buf
 buffer for send checksum calculation

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