SX127X hardware and global parameters. More...

Detailed Description

SX127X hardware and global parameters.

Definition at line 214 of file sx127x.h.

#include <sx127x.h>

Data Fields

spi_t spi
 SPI device.
gpio_t nss_pin
 SPI NSS pin.
gpio_t reset_pin
 Reset pin.
gpio_t dio0_pin
 Interrupt line DIO0 (Tx done)
gpio_t dio1_pin
 Interrupt line DIO1 (Rx timeout)
gpio_t dio2_pin
 Interrupt line DIO2 (FHSS channel change)
gpio_t dio3_pin
 Interrupt line DIO3 (CAD done)
gpio_t dio4_pin
 Interrupt line DIO4 (not used)
gpio_t dio5_pin
 Interrupt line DIO5 (not used)
uint8_t paselect
 Power amplifier mode (RFO or PABOOST)

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