xbee_t Struct Reference

XBee device descriptor. More...

Detailed Description

XBee device descriptor.

Definition at line 129 of file xbee.h.

#include <xbee.h>

Data Fields

const struct netdev_driverdriver
 ptr to that driver's interface. More...
netdev_event_cb_t event_callback
 callback for device events
void * context
 ptr to network stack context
xbee_params_t p
 configuration parameters
uint8_t options
 options field
uint8_t addr_flags
 address flags as defined above
uint8_t addr_short [2]
 onw 802.15.4 short address
eui64_t addr_long
 own 802.15.4 long address
xbee_rx_state_t int_state
 current state if the UART RX FSM
uint16_t int_size
 temporary space for parsing the frame size
mutex_t tx_lock
 mutex to allow only one transmission at a time
uint8_t cmd_buf [XBEE_MAX_RESP_LENGTH]
 command data buffer
uint8_t tx_fid
 TX frame ID.
mutex_t resp_lock
 mutex for waiting for AT command response frames
uint8_t resp_buf [XBEE_MAX_RESP_LENGTH]
 AT response data buffer.
uint16_t resp_count
 counter for ongoing transmission
uint16_t resp_limit
 size RESP frame in transferred
uint8_t rx_buf [XBEE_MAX_PKT_LENGTH]
 receiving data buffer
uint16_t rx_count
 counter for ongoing transmission
uint16_t rx_limit
 size RX frame transferred

Field Documentation

◆ driver

const struct netdev_driver* xbee_t::driver

ptr to that driver's interface.

Definition at line 131 of file xbee.h.

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