Virtual reassembly buffer definitions. More...

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Virtual reassembly buffer definitions.

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Definition in file vrb.h.

#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "kernel_defines.h"
#include "net/gnrc/netif.h"
#include "net/gnrc/sixlowpan/config.h"
#include "net/gnrc/sixlowpan/frag/rb.h"
#include "timex.h"
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Data Structures

struct  gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_t
 Representation of the virtual reassembly buffer entry. More...


gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_tgnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_add (const gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_rb_base_t *base, gnrc_netif_t *out_netif, const uint8_t *out_dst, size_t out_dst_len)
 Adds a new reassembly buffer entry. More...
gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_tgnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_from_route (const gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_rb_base_t *base, gnrc_netif_t *netif, const gnrc_pktsnip_t *hdr)
 Generate reassembly buffer from a header's forwarding information. More...
void gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_gc (void)
 Checks timeouts and removes entries if necessary.
gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_tgnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_get (const uint8_t *src, size_t src_len, unsigned src_tag)
 Gets a VRB entry. More...
static void gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_rm (gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_t *vrb)
 Removes an entry from the VRB. More...
static bool gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_entry_empty (gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_t *vrb)
 Determines if a VRB entry is empty. More...
void gnrc_sixlowpan_frag_vrb_reset (void)
 Resets the VRB to a clean state. More...